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About Us

Hey! We are Micah and Aneeta, a Sydney based couple who took up puzzling as a hobby in August 2019. This all began when we were looking for something to do on our anniversary that didn't involve our usual routine of drinking a few too many wines and waking up with a headache the next day! Before we knew it we were hooked and couldn't wait to complete our next puzzle.

Shortly after, we had the idea to create our own jigsaw puzzles that were uniquely shaped, creative, socially conscious and themed to issues of the modern world. By December that year, modern world was born. After a creative 10 month journey and one global pandemic, we finally released our first puzzle 'Dreamer' from the Mental Wealth Collection in November 2020! 

We hope our puzzles not only help you to relax and become more mindful, but aware of the issues of our modern world and what we can all do to solve them, one piece at a time.

Micah & Aneeta